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BrewDog Cancels US Beer Firm Deal On Free Drink Offer Issue

Following a dispute regarding providing free drinks to the supporters of Donald Trump, BrewDog, the craft brewer from Scotland, has cancelled the collaboration with a beer maker from the US.

BrewDog had arranged several events with the US partner Scofflaw at bars across the United Kingdom. But it came to the attention of the Scottish brewer that Scofflaw had announced that anyone in support of Donald Trump could get as much beer as they wanted at completely free of cost.

Following this, BrewDog took itself away from this propaganda with the founder of the company James Watt announcing that BrewDog had no relation to this promotion and stopped all activities.

James Watt took to Twitter to state that the promotion was provided by Scofflaw without any knowledge or permission of his company. He also added that his company is not at all aligned with the stance of Scofflaw and that they would be terminating the events. He also highlighted that BrewDog cares about beer and about people and has no room for hate.

Scofflaw announced via Twitter that their company didn’t permit this message, that this message was released on their behalf by their PR agency Frank PR without their permission or knowledge, and they are acting upon it with the PR firm to get this fixed. Matt Shirah, the owner of Scofflaw, stated termed the release as utter stupidity and stated that although his company has US roots, no one even remotely associated with Scofflaw Brewing has believed in hate and asserted that they do not have any tolerance for hate. Matt also went on to add that they don’t care about customer’s stance on politics and are concerned only with if the customers like their beer.

Input from the PR agency of Scofflaw, Frank PR, is still pending.

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