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Canada FM Unlikely To Deliver UN Speech Amid Trade War Woes With US

The foreign affairs minister of Canada, Chrystia Freeland, held back her UN speech for a later time, owing to the intensification of trade talks between Canada and the United States. The original schedule for Freeland’s speech in UN General Assembly was of Saturday, but traded the slots with another nation.

As informed by one of the senior government officials from Canada, although there has been an improvement in the free trade talks between the two countries, whether they will come to a deal soon is something that remains to be seen. The official also ensured that Canada will only comply if the deal is proper.

Notably, Canada, which is the second largest trade partner of the US, was not a part of the changes made to the North American Free Trade Agreement made by the US and Mexico. The United States and Canada will have to strike an agreement by Sunday, because that’s when the US has to publicly declare the agreement reached with Mexico.

While the president of the United States Donald Trump has stated that he intends to progress ahead with the updated NAFTA, even if Canada is not a part of the same, it is not known if he has the approval of the Congress to do the same and it is being discussed that some of the members of the Congress will not agree to a deal that leaves Canada out.

Major points of negotiation between Canada and the US include former’s higher dairy tariffs. Also, while Canada wants to continue the NAFTA dispute-resolution process, the US wants to get rid of it.

It is important to note here that there has been sourness in the dealings between Canada and the US, since Trump attacked Canadian PM Trudeau by calling him weak and dishonest at the G7 conference.

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