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IBM Patent Suit Is Settled By Groupon With A Payment Of $57 Million

The companies Groupon and IBM were facing quite a few issues in the past couple of years particularly because of a patent suit between the two companies, but the companies can finally take a sigh of relief as it has been settled now, according to the reports. Both the companies announced recently about the issue saying that Groupon has agreed to pay IBM nearly $57 million, in order to settle all the claims related to the infringement and also to license the e-commerce patents as well, from the company IBM in the near future.

IBM has also announced that the company is considering offering the products of the company Groupon to all the employees of the same, as it is a part of the corporate benefits package of the company. The vice president of the global communications at Groupon, named Bill Roberts, has said that this acquired license will also help the company Groupon to enable the continuation process of building the products for all the businesses as well as the consumers around the world. He also added that the company is really looking forward to share these products with the employees of the company as well.

However, the company has asked for a lot more, nearly $167 million, originally, with respect to the damages that were done by Groupon, and when it won the case against the same, the amount was close to $83 million. But now, since the case has been settled finally at a much, lower price of $57 million, it is indeed a fact that is quite comforting for the company Groupon, in many ways. Groupon on the other hand had argued that the patents are too old and that the company is not guilty, and it has also been on a downward trend in the last year.

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