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FAA Bill Might Offer Relief To Air Passengers In Constricted Seats

Air passengers frustrated by having very limited legroom and small seats are finally going to experience some relief because of the newly passed legislation. Reportedly, the U.S. Senate has passed the legislation earlier this week. This bill reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was passed with a vote of 93–6. The bill had a provision that asked the FAA to define a standard size for the business airplane seats. It also incorporated minute details such as a minimum pitch and the standard distance between seats.

Reportedly, airlines were found to be shrinking the distance between the seats in earlier years. This change was done by the air companies to adjust more seats in the limited space. This would result in more passengers in the same space of planes leading to more profits out of each flight. The House has passed the FAA bill earlier last week.

On a similar note, now, drone pilots are supposed to get immediate approval to fly their drones in the airport area. They will be also allowed to fly in another controlled airspace as long as they fly the precise brand of drone. Recently, FAA announced its partnership with about nine drone companies, namely, Aeronyde, DJI, AiRXOS, Airbus, Converge, Altitude Angel, UASidekick, KittyHawk, and Unifly. Reportedly, all these firms had to undergo an assessment to ensure that the drones in concern are in the appropriate condition to be flying nearby airports as well as other sensitive areas.

This deal is said to be the part of the FAA’s Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability initiative. The agency has launched this initiative earlier this year. However, the agency cleared that this is not a permit to free-for-all flying. It added that only proficient drone pilots will be offered the approval and they will not need to wait for a long period for the same.

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