Eighties pop star Sinitta has joked that her ex boyfriend Brad Pitt wants to get back together with her, following his high profile split from fellow Hollywood A lister Angelina Jolie.

Sinitta and Brad dated back in 1988 when she was at the height of her pop career and his acting career was just taking off. Appearing on Alan Carr’s New Year Specstacular chat show, the 53 year old has joked that Brad has already been in contact with her following his break up.

Alan says: “Call me Cupid, but Brad Pitt is single again and you two used to date didn’t you?” before Sinitta replies in jest: “He has been calling and you know what I said? “Brad. Move on.”‘

She also revealed that the heartthrob was a “very good kisser”. Since their relationship, both Brad and Sinitta have married and divorced, and Brad is heading for his second divorce.


Following Brad’s break up from Angelina, So Macho singer Sinatta became embroiled in rumours after saying that the split had “nothing to do with her”. She then had to clarify that she had simply meant that it was not her place to say anything about the couple’s break up.

Speaking earier about their relationship, Sinitta said that Brad Pitt was “beautiful with the most amazing body”. The singer, who is also an ex of X Factor mogul Simon Cowell, also said that Brad was “fun, young and very sweet.”

She said the relationship had been before he appeared in Thelma and Louise and that she saw the film, thinking: “Oh my God, what have I done?” Sinitta dated Brad in the early Eighties after splitting from Simon. While she has kept in touch with Simon and is still part of his inner circle, it is not thought that she still has any contact with Brad.