Hunter Kittle, 24, from California, was driving until his car had then rolled off of a cliff and went down 70 feet off the edge.

Three days later Kittle was then discovered critically injured yet had survived throughout the entire 72 hours that had passed with no one noticing him.

The doctors at the hospital stated that Kittle couldn’t have possibly survived from such immense injuries that he received from the crash, and the matter of him surviving for three whole days just made the matter even more impossible.

Not the Final Chapter

Kittle says that it was all about mind over matter for him.

The survivor states that he was willing to survive and that such a state of mind and spirit aided him throughout the whole ordeal.

Kittle then added that “one way or another, I didn’t want that to be my final chapter in my life.” Last Sunday Kittle had been driving on a curving road in the area of Mount Baldy, which is situated 40 miles in the northeastern region of Los Angeles.

According to Highway Patrol officials of California, Kittle had fallen asleep while driving his Toyota 4Runner until he found himself driving off of the winding road.

Not Just Lucky

As Kittle plummeted down at least 70 feet off of the cliff, his car eventually ploughed into a tree.

Kittle stated that he does not recall the final moments prior to the crash, and says that when he had woken up, he had realized the critical injuries he had received.

Somehow, a fractured skull, a broken leg as well as one collapsed lung had still not resulted in his immediate death or let alone over the course of three days without any treatment.

Kittle says that he attempted to cry out for help numerous times, but had grown tired after several attempts, and his phone had been out of battery.

“I was thinking either kill me now or get me off this mountain because I can’t do this,” Kittle remarked.

After 72 hours a motorist had driven by and noticed the crashed Toyota 4Runner at the end of the hill, who then requested for assistance that eventually led to rescuers arriving and finding Kittle still alive.