The Foreign Office has reported that six Britons were killed in a car accident that took place in Saudi Arabia.

According to claims, all six Britons were said to have been performing the Islamic pilgrimage and as they were going between Mecca and the city of Medina, their minibus had collided with another vehicle.

The six Britons included one couple who were from Glasgow, and the remaining four victims are said to have been from Manchester, and all six victims have been pronounced as dead after the crash took place last Wednesday.

An Incomplete Pilgrimage

A Foreign Office spokeswoman stated that they are currently supporting all of the families of the six victims that have been reported to have died due to the car crash that took place in Saudi Arabia.

The statement then added that they are currently also treating other British nationals that were wounded from the car crash, and have expressed their condolences to the families of the six British victims.

The Glasgow Central Mosque has identified the two victims from Glasgow as Mohamed and Talat Aslam and have apparently five children.

The Glasgow Mosque stated that both of them had recently finished their Umrah pilgrimage.

Death after Sin Removal

According to the statement released by the Glasgow Central Mosque, both Mohamed and Talat had finished their Umrah and as they were in a minibus heading to the Prophet’s mosque located in Medina, they were killed in a car crash.

The statement also added that the parents of the five children Omar, Saba, Shehla, Haroon and Osman were taken by the grace and mercy of that of Allah.

The parents were said to have presided at the area of Newlands, and the Glasgow Mosque stated amongst the deaths of the parents were also four more Britons from Manchester.