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To get data regarding your attendance and not lose out on receiving notification about the next class, Anirudh Goyal, an 18 year-old student, discovered the solution in technology when he imagined the thought of a mobile application named “Attendx.” Designed...
It has been widely anticipated that Prince George, three, would go to the same school as his father Prince William did. However, it has now emerged that, rather than Wetherby School in Nottingham Hill, Prince George is more likely...
According to the Guardian, stricter immigration rules will have a direct effect on the number of international students studying in the UK as the Home office considers halving student visas. Tougher Rules The Conservative party conference in October already saw the...
A former graduate from Oxford has recently initiated a case against the university and suing them for a considerably hefty price of £1,000,000. His motives for doing so, in his own words, were due to the “appallingly bad” education and...
A Senior at Union High School, Wade Witcher, was a part of the Student and Legislative Forum at the Broken Arrow Public Schools Education Service Center. He talked about how pleased he was, receiving education at the Union High...
Do you really know that there are 46 million students in America’s public schools and have you got any idea how much American’s spend on these students? Americans spend an impressive amount on education i.e. $11,000. However, not everyone can...
The season for college applications has just begun. For those ambitious students whose dream is to get admission in a reputable University such as Yale, MIT, Harvard, Georgetown, Princeton or some other top school, November is the deadline for...

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Technology and its advancements!

Traffic lights are one frustrating sight especially when one is going to work, dropping kids off to school or going out for shopping. It...