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Leonie, a female zebra shark in Australia produced three offspring without a male after years of isolation, shocking scientists. Researchers found that she basically developed the capacity to do it on her own. After spending 12 years without a male at...
People in New Zealand have been freaking out over a “monstrosity” on the shore of Muriwai Beach, which has apparently washed up from the depths of the ocean after the earthquake last month. The “Muriwai monster” appears to have thick...
NASA is working with the Rhode Island School of Design to design a spacesuit that closely resembles a real spacesuit for its Mars-simulation mission in Hawaii. Since regular space suits are designed to work in zero gravity, they’re too...
Another study also shows a neutron star with a dense outer layer, this indicates that the quantum theory is absolutely accurate that it does display a mysterious light emitting pattern. This assessment was made when waves of light from...
An Australian man answering a call of nature has discovered the oldest-known evidence of Aboriginal settlement ever found. The incredible find came when Adnyamathanha elder Clifford Coulthard was surveying gorges in the area found himself needing the toilet. Going off in...

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Businesses urged to prepare for 12-sided pound coin

The Treasury is urging firms to make sure they aren’t caught on the back foot by the introduction of a new 12-sided coin, due...