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NASA is working with the Rhode Island School of Design to design a spacesuit that closely resembles a real spacesuit for its Mars-simulation mission in Hawaii. Since regular space suits are designed to work in zero gravity, they’re too...
SAP is all well prepared to completely revamp the structure of analytics coming up with the brand new software as a service (SaaS) technology. The technology is aimed at integrating the planning, business intelligence and predictive analysis in a...
Thursday, it is, there is a bad new for the division players. The servers of Tom Clancy’s The Division are under weekly maintenance today, so if you forgot and planned on playing The Division a little patience and wait...
There is a visible gender gap in the world of technology. Despite the fact that there are young women who are high achievers and love science technology, find the world of technology masculine, hence, preference to other “more feminine”...
Perditions are being made in the world of technology that indicates a major change in technologies bringing a world to a point where there will be technological singularity. In layman terms, technological world is about to bring artificial intelligence...
Traffic lights are one frustrating sight especially when one is going to work, dropping kids off to school or going out for shopping. It may sound like a heaven for the drivers to not have to stop at the...
Technology has extended its roots to the field or art. Previously the patrons were expected to power off their cellular phones while taking tours in museums. But today the visitors are encourage to use technology such as augmented and...

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Kremlin Denies Trump Dossier of Compromising Files

Russia has denied compiling a blackmail dossier on U.S President-elect Donald Trump. Spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, dismissed the reports as “complete...