Humanitarian organisations are reporting that refugees, including many children, are still sleeping in the Jungle, even though French officials say the site is successfully cleared.
French officials have announced a total success of the clearance operation in Calais, saying that no migrants remained on site since it was emptied three days ago.
However, humanitarian organisations and aid volunteers on the ground say that is simply not the case.
Workers are reporting that at least a dozen children spent the night sleeping rough as part of a group of at least 30 migrants.
The refugees are said to have spent the night in a church which has been burnt out and half demolished. The night before, they were reported to have spent the night in a makeshift school building, but that structure has now been bulldozed.
Charity workers said they had been ringing round shelters to try to find a place to sleep for children remaining in the Jungle, but have not been successful.
The youngsters should have been taken to reception centres elsewhere in France. But aid workers said the children are so distrustful of the French authorities and what will happen that they refused to get on the bus, which then left without them rather than waiting.
Dorothy Sang, who works with Save the Children said: “It was difficult to get children on to buses because they didn’t have much faith in the system. They didn’t believe that their cases would be followed up if they were taken out of Calais.”
Instead, most children want to go to a temporary camp set up in container ships where around 1,500 unaccompanied youngsters are waiting to find out what will happen to them. However, that camp is now full.
Aid organisations and charities say most of them are being kept out of that container site, but the Help Refugees says food is being taken in via volunteers because the French authorities are not delivering supplies.
Volunteers believe the children aren’t being helped with any youth or support workers and the only adults officially working with them are security guards and police officers.
But in some ways, those children in the containers could be the lucky ones. Others have returned to the ruins of the Jungle because they do not know where else to go.
The British Home Office has reaffirmed its commitment to working with French authorities to make sure all minors who are eligible to come to UK are transferred as soon as possible.