Technology has extended its roots to the field or art. Previously the patrons were expected to power off their cellular phones while taking tours in museums. But today the visitors are encourage to use technology such as augmented and virtual reality, customized audio tours and touch screen tables. The basic aim of introducing technology in art is to enhance the experience of visitors. The following technological changes in the art may serve as excellent examples of technology’s introduction in the field of art.

The virtual reality of Dali’s painting basically drops the viewer in to the painting of 1035 where they move from a massive forest, the virtual reality offers the viewer dreamlike experience where E.g. elephant may appear huge than normal and on stick legs. The technology in the provided headphones allows the viewer to control their visit within the painting.

Around the world museums are digitizing their collected arts. They are using Google Art camera that has the ability to produce more than one billion pixel image. In order to share widely, Google Arts & Culture platform has allowed museums to upload paintings.

Last year during winters, 3M, initiated and installed the 3M Art and Technology Award Competition so assist Minneapolis Institute of Art reach new audiences. The visitors had to download an app that provided conversation of strangers about the particular painting they stood near to.

Another intriguing app was created by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, where the audio gave the viewer of the painting a totally different perspective to the painting, similar to an opinionated friend said Keir Winesmith, head of web and digital platforms in san Francisco Museum.

An Act of disability in America generated the idea of bringing the paintings to life on the museums website for the visually impaired with descriptions that were read out aloud for the viewer to listen.

Numerous websites have been developed by museums to avoid the barrier of downloading app in other to take a tour in a museum. These websites are termed Go Mobile website. The just have to spot the logo of the website and put the name of the painting in to the search bar of the website to get hold of the commentaries or explanations about that particular art piece.

Some of the apps help the visitors out of the museums as well as have the power to just scan a painting and get its history in your cellular Phones.