A female Dutch doctor reportedly drugged the coffee of an elderly woman patient and then allegedly requested to have her family grab hold of her due to the woman’s efforts in fighting against her death.

However, according to the medical experts within the country, the doctor’s actions did not in any way violate the laws that exist within the country regarding euthanasia.

The case was examined by Netherlands’ Regional Review Committee who criticized some of the doctor’s methods, yet concluded that nonetheless, she had carried out her actions in good faith.

The Committee stated that this matter should be heard in court so judges may assure other doctors who carry out similar euthanasia actions on patients with a case of dementia are not prosecuted against.

In Good Faith

Jacob Kohnstamm, the Chairman of the Committee states that he is convinced that this female doctor had acted with good intentions, however they wish to see in the future with more transparency of how similar cases such as these are dealt with.

About 17 years ago the Netherlands had first introduced their law of euthanasia. Ever since it was introduced, figures have shown that about 5,500 lives of citizens have as a result ended, due to their immense amount of suffering.

Ending the Suffering

Amongst one of those that ended her life was a victim from sexual abuse who suffered chronic depression, extreme hallucinations, and a fatal state of anorexia.

Another person who underwent the euthanasia procedure was an alcoholic.

The elderly woman who is said to have been above 80 years old was said to have expressed her wishes on ending her life through euthanasia, adding that when the time was fit.

The senior doctor of the nursing home that she was placed in stated that the woman had reached a level of her illness in which she was unable to assess when exactly this right time for her life to end was, and so they had to carry out on their own judgment.