U.S. President Donald J. Trump and Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi have recently discussed over a telephone call how they can work together in order to continue in the fight against terrorism and radicalism.

Last Monday Trump emphasized to Sisi that he seeks to commit for a stronger joint relationship between both nations.

According to Alaa Youssef, the Egyptian President’s spokesman, Trump had expressed his admiration towards Egypt’s ongoing and continuous efforts in fighting terrorism.

Trump then stated that Egypt will undoubtedly be supported and backed up by his administration throughout his term.

Awaiting Your Visit

In the statement made by Mr. Youssef, he adds as well that President Trump is looking forward for Sisi to be visiting Washington, in which the process for such a visit is currently being organized.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer stated that the U.S. and Egyptian Presidents had shared their ideas on how to further strengthen the two countries’ relationship.

Spicer added that Trump also intends on backing Egypt’s active fight against extremism and terrorism.

The White House spokesman also states that Trump is committed in aiding the Egyptian military with U.S military support in order to carry out the fight against terrorists.

Good Friends

In the phone call that had taken place between both leaders, Trump stressed on the matter that the U.S. has a deep commitment for maintaining its joint relationship with Egypt.

Mr. Spicer states that Trump had said both nations have worked together in the past for several decades regarding conflicts that affected the entire Middle Eastern region.

President Trump also praised Sisi’s efforts on carrying out and dealing with the economic difficulties that the nation has been enduring with for the past while.

The U.S. President also offered to Sisi methods of just how Egypt may use assistance regarding the reformation of their economy with help from the United States.