The first ocean cleanup system expects to start its operations, where sixty systems will remove 50% of ocean plastic within a span of 5 Years. The assembly of the System 001 ocean cleanup system took almost six months to complete finally. The cleanup system is expected to be towed by the Maersk Launcher.

The system will first head towards Pacific Trials location where it would need 2 Weeks of operational testing, and then the Maersk Launcher System 001 will be headed towards the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch cleanup has used conventional methods such as nets & vessels and would take thousands of years to complete. The project valuation is expected to be several billions of dollars. The passive systems of an ocean cleanup project are estimated to eliminate half the Great Pacific garbage patch in 5 Years, spending fraction of the cost.

On a similar note, in upcoming 20 Years, ocean cleanup goals to throw away trash by 90%. The ocean cleanup prototype is 2000 Feet long floating device that estimates to collect approximately 5 Tons of garbage each month. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is more than 1000 nautical miles away from the point of origin of the project. The idea of ocean cleanup is of Boyan Slat—the founder and Dutch inventor of the project. He anticipates that his efforts would make a real difference in reducing the pollution to large extent. Because of a large amount of the plastic present in the ocean it could have destructive effects on the environment and on the ecosystems at different stages. With the rising level of pollution in the ocean, it is predicted that by 2050 there would be more plastic in the ocean than marine lives.

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