Renowned Italian-American car manufacturing company Fiat Chrysler has announced that they will create three new Jeep vehicles which would include a pickup truck after investing a budget of $1 billion in two separate U.S. based factories which will result in at least 2,000 jobs being created for citizens in the United States.

Fiat Chrysler stated that they will reformate and restructure their factory situated in a Detroit suburb located in Warren, Michigan as well as another factory located just southwards in Toledo, Ohio.

The company says they expect the work on both factories to be fully completed by 2020, but they have not elaborated on the actual details regarding their new products as of now.

Just Wait and See

A jeep Wagoneer as well as the Grand Wagoneer SUV are just two of the three new creations to be taking place soon.

Both factories will be receiving the necessary equipment to proceed in the construction of all three new vehicles within the near future.

These latest decisions sprout up as Fiat are trying to shift away from the regular small or average sized cars and focus on the large vehicles instead due to the consumers demands globally.

Obstacles Ahead

The factory upgrades that are to take place in Warren will enable and provide the necessary tools in order for them to create the heavy-duty Ram pickups which as of now are constructed in Saltillo, Mexico.

However, the idea of creating vehicles in Mexico and then transporting them into the United States might serve as a speed bump for the company as Donald Trump’s presidency and uncertain policies take place within less than two weeks away.

Mr. Trump has previously criticized car companies such as Ford, Toyota, and General Motors for their construction of small cars and then shipping them right across the U.S. border, which has lead him to consider a worrisome border tax budget to be paid for regarding companies.