Yahya Jammeh, the longtime authoritarian ruler for Gambia, has finally, under pressure from Western African nations, stepped down as leader last Saturday after suffering a defeat from the elections that took place in December.

However, Jammeh did not leave empty handed. According to the administration that filled his place as he stepped down, the former leader stole approximately $11 million.

The large sum of money was derived directly from Gambia’s treasury, and Jammeh had collected it in a span of two weeks.

According to now adviser Mai Ahmed Fatty of current President Adama Barrow, Gambia’s current funds have basically been scratched completely and are empty.

Accepting Defeat

Barrow had won in Gambia’s elections that took place in December of 2016, in which Jammeh, disappointed and unaccepting with the results, decided to stay in power until another vote took place.

This move led to several West African countries sending their armies into Gambia so as to force the longtime ruler in stepping down.

Jammeh has served as Gambia’s leader for more than two decades, after he first took power back in 1994 during a military coup that had taken place.

After negotiations that had took place between the presidents of Mauritania and Guinea, Jammeh finally agreed to abandon his reign of power.

How Bad Is It?

Fatty has stated that at the moment the full scale of the financial losses of the state are currently being examined.

Barrow, who is currently in Senegal, announced that a full confirmation of the financial state for Gambia would be revealed once his administration officially take office.

Meanwhile Jammeh has not made any statements at the moment regarding these accusations and according to reports, has fled into the West African nation of Equatorial Guinea.

The country has not fully confirmed that the former leader of Gambia has arrived there.

However, the country has stated that they have never approved of allowing any person who has been politically exiled into their nation.