Reports have stated that an immense storm has hit the central region of Georgia, and according to the state emergency management, 11 deaths have been accounted for, including 23 injuries.

Meanwhile a tornado warning was declared for the northwestern region of Nassau County. Inhabitants within the county have been asked to take precautionary measures.

Catherine Howden, who serves with Georgia’s Emergency Management Center stated on the morning of Sunday that the 11 deaths had taken place in the regions of Cook, Brooks, along with the counties of Berrien.

Dropping Everywhere

Reports from Brooks County Sheriff’s Office have stated that two residents had died after a tornado struck the southern region of Georgia.

According to the reports, both of the victims had been at home during the unfortunate event, as their home was located on the Highway 122.

Howden says that no final report can be made on whether or not the deaths of the victims were even linked to the tornado, but confirmed it that the harsh weather was the main factor.

Additional tornado warnings have been declared for a few regions of Georgia that are possible to strike within Sunday night.

Outdoor and Indoor Threats

The emergency management of Ware County has stated that although no immense damage or destruction has been reported, the roadways have undergone intense flooding.

The flooding will result in another problematic factor for those driving their cars however.

The Agency adds that major roads in which most people cross through are currently bombarded with huge amounts of rainwater.

More warnings for tornadoes had been issued for the southeastern regions of Georgia as well on Sunday morning.

Weather forecasts claim that another harsh wave of intense weather and storms can be arriving within the afternoon hours of Sunday.

No further reports on damage or injuries have been disclosed at the moment.