During any of the Indian festivities, rangolis adorn our houses. But many of us are amateurs and don’t know from where to start with. To make your task easy, there are certain guidelines that will help you in making beautiful yet easy rangoli designs.

For the beginners, it is always best to start with paper, pencil, and an eraser.

  • Place the paper on a flat surface such as ground or wherever you are comfortable.
  • Check out for some easy rangoli designs from the internet and draw it on the paper. Go for some easy and simple design. But before you draw the design, lightly draw a cross on the paper so that you will get four equal quadrants to draw your design.
  • Start from the center of the cross and make the design on the half part of the cross and repeat it in the next half. Make your pencil strokes light so that it can be erased easily.
  • Now take colorful chalk pieces and color it with good color combinations.
  • After some practice try the above steps with the rangoli.

Guidelines for making grid rangoli

  • As mentioned above, start with the paper and the pencil.
  • Try to make the grid of dots at equal points (at first you may make use of the scale) that is the points should be at equal distances.
  • Now, try and join the dots to make the desired rangoli design.
  • As suggested above after practicing it on the paper, go for the rangoli on the floor.
  • If you are still uncomfortable then try drawing on the floor with the chalk and then outline it with rangoli.
  • Color the rangoli design with attractive colors.

Guidelines for making use of the cone technique

  • This is a bit of advanced technique but with practice nothing is impossible.
  • With the help of the paper, make a small cone like the mehndi cone and secure its sides with the glue or cellophane.
  • As per the requirement of the rangoli design cut the tip of the cone as it determines the thickness of your rangoli design.
  • Once your cone is ready put the rangoli inside the cone by catching the end with the finger otherwise your rangoli will fall down.
  • Draw straight lines with the cone at the beginning in order to get a hand over it and then go for the curvy designs of the rangoli.

No one ever made a fab rangoli in a day so practice it have patience you will soon be ready to make good rangoli designs.