The Congress party will condemn and criticize the PM Narendra Modi but not “disregard or disrespect” him, stated (Congress leader) Rahul Gandhi in an election verbal communication in Gujarat few days back. “What on earth we do, spot Narendra Modi’s faults or upset BJP, we won’t contempt the Prime Minister’s position. When Modi ji was in opponent, he used to always talk with disregard about the Prime Minister. That is the actual difference among us and them; no matter what Narendra Modi says about our party, we can never go beyond a particular point as he is the Prime Minister,” as stated by Rahul Gandhi to a news bureau.

The Congress VP was referring to the BJP party attacks on the ex- PM Manmohan Singh’s occupancy. Gandhi, who was on tour in north Gujarat, suspected that the BJP’s expansion strategy in the state had thrashed. “We speak the fact, and this is the truth and the truth is that expansion has gone barmy in Gujarat. The Congress party few days back claimed recognition for the GST council’s verdict to cut down tax rates on 179 items, saying the administration was enforced to take the step under demands from Rahul Gandhi and the “vast response” his movement was getting in poll- bound in Gujarat.

Rahul Gandhi also targeted Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani related to share market regulator SEBI slapping revenue on his firm for suspected controlling share trade, and asked the PM Narendra Modi to talk on the subject. “Gujarat is more distort and corrupt than the whole country. Surat businessmen said me that police force come to their units after every five minutes (allegedly to ask for bribe),” he added.

The 46-year-old Congress party leader (Rahul Gandhi) was addressing a public conference here in Banaskantha region on the 2nd day of his drive tour to North Gujarat. “Jay Shah, (BJP chief) son of Amit Shah, augmented the earnings of his company from Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 85 crore in just few months after the BJP party came to power in the year 2014.