Amidst fears of Donald Trump’s policies on climate change, several took matters into their own hands just in case.

A precautionary measure was carried out as over 60 programmers as well as scientists collectively gathered up climate data from the U.S. Department of Information Studies.

As President Donald Trump was being sworn in, all 60 individuals had assembled the data at the University of California in Los Angeles.

The main goal here was to quickly download all of the data onto European servers just in case the Trump administration were to order the removal of all data that has been collected for several years.

An Act of Good Faith

A few of the research based data they had collected were a comparison of fossil fuels and renewable energy, along with the extensive research conducted on fuel cell that was carried out in the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

The scientists that joined forces been from various fields such as oceanographers, and ecologists to name a few and had arrive from universities that were located in Southern California.

Such a move has been regarded now as a trend, as the term for it has become known as “data rescue.”

Safety Measures

Toronto, Chicago, Michigan, and other areas have also had similar volunteer data salvaging events with scientists grouping up and uploading data on the Internet as quick as they can.

Another event is scheduled to take place around the early days of February at the University of New York.

These gatherings have brought together scientists, librarians, hackers, and others as well in the same cause.

As Donald Trump was sworn in as president last Friday, the website of the Whitehouse had removed the pages that discussed or mentioned climate change.

Such a realization immediately resulted in panic, and more of these events were then planned to save all the data elsewhere.