Hillary Clinton Must Decide If She Wants To Be The Next US President

Hillary Rodham Clinton has always garnered respect and appreciation from her fellow politicians. The loyalty of her fellow politicians will be tested in 2016 at the next Presidential Elections. There is no doubt that Clinton is the favorite Democrat candidate to run for the post of President. However, she herself has not made up her mind on whether she wants to run for the post or not. In 2008, she had made an attempt, which failed because of her vote which authorized the Iraq war, internal staff fights, and a huge entourage which made personal interaction with voters impossible. Now in 2015, she has to work hard to overcome these problems if she wants to participate in the presidential race.

Political Agenda Is Important For Making A Successful Bid

There is high anticipation on when Clinton will finally make the announcement. Some had wanted her to do it after the disappointing November results. Some again think that she will make the announcement in March, after finishing some paid speeches she has on her calendar. People are expecting her to tap voters at the grass root level this time and corner online fundraising finances. Her agenda for 2016 will likely be middle-class economic prosperity, a hike in minimum wages, and paid leave for working mothers. As Tracy Sefl, an adviser to Ready for Hillary said, “All of these supporters are a ready-made asset, eager to help promote her message and to stand by her in what we can safely expect to be a relentless, even unprecedented, swamp of negativity from her opponents.”

Line Needs To Be Drawn Between Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton

Clinton needs to maintain a fine balance by which she can differentiate herself from Obama, who has become a liability for the Democrats, without looking like a rebel in her party at the same time. This time, she really needs to come out of her comfort zone and display her ‘commonness’ to her voters, something she failed to do the last time round.