Perditions are being made in the world of technology that indicates a major change in technologies bringing a world to a point where there will be technological singularity. In layman terms, technological world is about to bring artificial intelligence in to being which will be smarter than humans. It will be able to solve problems at higher pace in comparison to humans.

Experts believe that this change will be colossal that the humans cannot imagine at this point. In the future the technology will be able to figure out genetic engineering and sort problems such disease. People alive at this point will be able to live much longer. Once this type of intelligence in introduced it will develop further at much higher speed that one cannot imagine.

So the question arise as to when will this type of intelligence emerge? Experts predict its introduction in the 2040. Some think that the arrival will be earlier. The experts who critically view technology do not deny its arrival either.

The computers have already grown at a fast pace and are becoming smarter. Artificial intelligence this year replicated and understood a Nobel Prize winning experiment within an hour. As interesting as it may sound this same year a google computer beat and Chinese human champion in a complex game called Go. Go is more complicated than chess as it has more possibilities. This was an unexpected feature and was assumed to be able to do so in future.

Another technology that was introduced this year was self-driving cars by an American company Tesla. The car is able to switch lanes at self by sensing cars behind it. It is also able to drive at a speed of 100 kmph. Although, the car did crash killing the driver but Tesla states that they have improved the technology in the previous few weeks.

The technology is changing at a fast speed, Even the pace at which the technology is changing, is also modifying. This speed of change indicates that the modifications are of much higher standard every two years. The experts explain that the changes will be so quick that the implication of changes are unimaginable.

These changes in technology will differ for Europe and Sub-Continent. Problems such as malnourishment, illiteracy and poverty will be effectively solved with the help of technology. Experts state that the change and it repercussions are unimaginable and hence worrisome.