British Prime Minister Theresa May has said she is confident she will get on with President Donald Trump – because opposites attract.

Mrs May has touched down in America, just as the new US president found himself embroiled in controversy over torture, after saying that waterboarding works. However, Mrs May, who has already said she will not be afraid to confront President Trump if she does not agree with him, says that Britain’s ban on the use of intelligence obtained through such methods will still stand.

The Prime Minister even said that if torture was reintroduced by President Trump, it could result in intelligence sharing practices between UK and US secret services being shelved.

Opposites attract

When reporters suggested that she and President Trump would find it hard to form a working relationship because of their very different backgrounds, she told them that opposites attract. Mrs May is the daughter of an English vicar, while President Trump is a flamboyant property mogul.

In a few hours, she will find out exactly how well they get on, but Mrs May has already scored a major coup over other world leaders after becoming the first to secure an invite to talk face to face with President Trump since his inauguration.

She will meet the US president in the White House, where the discussion is likely to focus on trade between the two countries in the wake of Brexit. Although Mrs May cannot begin to discuss any formal trade agreement until Britain actually leaves Europe, she can use the meeting to start early talks about trade barriers. Mrs May hopes that the talks will pave the way so that an agreement can be signed as soon as Britain exits the EU.

Mrs May has come in for pressure, including from author JK Rowling, but she said that Britain and America had enjoyed a special relationship for many decades and that it was important to build on that.