After U.S. President Donald Trump was sworn in, Israel declared even more additional plans for construction of settlements within the territory of the West Bank.

The United Nations have condemned these actions as they had passed the Resolution back in December which banned such settlements and demanded they withdraw all of it.

A spokesman from the UN has stated that if one side decides to act individually, a potential hope for a two-state solution will be smashed.

Last Tuesday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that at the moment they are planning for 2,500 homes that will be constructed for Jewish settlements. According to Netanyahu, the reasons are due to “housing needs.”

Sneaky Play

Since President Trump took office, Israel has announced twice as of now for additional settlement construction, as Trump has expressed his unconditional support for it.

The Palestinian officials have stated that the go ahead for such constructions hinder any remaining hopes for building on the land they intended to build their homes on.

“For the secretary general there is no Plan B for the two-state solution,” said Stephane Dujarric, the spokesman for Antonio Guterres, secretary general of the UN.

One Not for All

Mr. Dujarric added that if one party decides to take matter into their own hands then the entire plan for a two-state solution is under grave concern for Mr. Guterres.

The spokesman states that both parties must join together to discuss the decades prolonged matter in order to establish two people to exist in the two states.

Unlike former President Obama, Trump has expressed his support for Israeli settlement construction to take place.

President Trump heavily criticized Obama after he had approved for the US to abstain from the vote on the UN resolution and had decided not to impose a veto for the matter.