According to reports by E! Online and The New York Post, popular TV actress of “Modern Family” fame Sofia Vergara, and “True Blood” actor Joe Manganiello are engaged. There have been no comments from the actress’ representative so far. The Daily Mail, on the other hand, has published pictures of the star -vacationing with her new love in Hawaii – sporting a diamond engagement ring on her ring finger.
The two are deeply in love with each other!
Though the couple just dated for a few months, there were signs that the two were meant for each other. After their successful first date, both were inseparable. On Sunday, the actress posted a photo of herself and her love on her Instagram account with a birthday message that read: “Happy happy bday to my love and best friend to the one that makes me laugh like crazy! Have a healthy wonderful year babe!!!@joemanganiello” In fact, the couple is known for their individual as well as shared sex appeal. The actress herself had once commented that her boyfriend was extremely sexy, which is why she had asked him to not come with her to the Emmy’s.
Vergara was earlier engaged to Florida millionaire Nick Loeb
Before meeting Manganiello, the TV actress was engaged for two years to Nick Loeb. The couple broke up in May due to ‘differences of opinion’. Their relationship was a confused and chaotic one. Regarding the millionaire’s thoughts on her new love, Loeb simply said, “They are much better suited for each other,” and that he had “…the highest regard for her!” In addition to her two engagements, the actress was married for a few years and has a twenty-one year old son named Manolo from her first marriage.