Starbucks, the third-largest fast-food restaurant chain, is opening its first ever store in Milan, Italy. This shop is quite different from the rest of its 28,000 stores located around the world as it would be serving Starbucks signature reserve roaster after Seattle and Shanghai stores.

This shop is located in a converted post office and would be serving pastries, pizza, and customized ice cream, and additionally alcoholic drinks in the evenings. After the Milan store’s unveiling, the Seattle-based company plans to open more stores in the city by the end of 2018. According to The Wall Street Journal, the prices of cappuccino and espresso will be higher compared to local bars in Milan. But Starbucks is optimistic about its acceptance by Italian customers with the menu items such as brick oven pizza and gelato. This store would not be serving Frappuccinos.

Recently, Starbucks was also in the news as it is opening its first shop in Mexico that is staffed by people over the age of 60. As reported by Reuters, the older employees are trained by younger employees and after the training the older employees will be carrying the operations on their own. The older employees will be benefitted with a six-and-half-hour shift a day, a guaranteed two days off a week, and medical insurance, with which traditional Starbucks employees are not benefitted. In Mexico, around 12 Million people are senior citizens. Presently, the company has employed 65 older employees and hopes to employ more 120 senior workers by the end of next year. This is not the first time the company has employed a special staff; earlier a signing store—for those people who use sign language for communication—was opened in Washington, D.C.

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