President Barack Obama was spotted taking some time out on the golf course in California as well as spending time with his wife Michelle after leaving office. But, it seems the outgoing president could remain away from politics no longer following President Donald Trump’s ban on people from, mainly Muslim, countries coming into the US.

President Obama has spoken out about a political issue, just 10 days after officially handing his successor the keys to the White House. Releasing a statement from his post-presidential office, he said he had been gladdened to see the level of political engagement taking place in communities around America.

Protests have been organised in major cities across the US after President Trump issued an order preventing citizens of seven countries from entering the country. President Obama added that citizens getting together to make their voices heard was just the sort of action he would expect to witness when American values were at stake.

Directly contradictory

He said that President Trump’s were in direct contradiction of his own principles as he did not believe that anyone should be discriminated against on the grounds of their faith or religion.

However, while President Obama has moved to issue a statement, he has not spoken out in person. It is not known where the outgoing president currently is, but he was last seen on Necker Island, which is owned by Virgin boss Richard Branson.

Before leaving office, President Obama said he would remain on the sidelines while President Trump was in office. However, he also added that he would jump in to become a vocal advocate if he felt that the core values of America were at risk. While President Trump’s controversial policy bans people from seven, predominantly Muslim countries, it does make an exception for people suffering religious discrimination.