Renowned actor from Mad Men, Jamie King, 35, had been a father for just five days until his son, Benjamin King, had eventually died due to what was believed to be from brain damage.

According to reports, the staff from the NHS hospital allegedly postponed his son’s delivery and then sent the mother back home.

Tamara Podemski, 39, had given birth to Benjamin in Bath, located in Somerset. The birth took place at the Royal United Hospital.

There is reason to believe that Benjamin had apparently not received the necessary amount of oxygen after being born, as the Canadian actress was said to have her C-section postponed by half a day.

Bad Days for the NHS

According to the senior coroner for Avon, Maria Voisin, she states that the most probable reason for Benjamin’s sudden and quick death was directly linked to the postponement of the entire procedure and sending the Canadian actress back home.

Reports surfacing have stated that Voisin contacted the authorities regarding accusations regarding the changing of statements for hospital staff members who witnessed the whole event.

Such alterations of statements were apparently done prior to the final hearing in court for the event.

False Memories

King remarked on the ordeal by saying that they have not heard one single shred of truthful statements to the death of their son as of now.

The stories that they have been forced to hear he says have all been revolved around deviation, stories that were incomplete due to forgotten segments, and just nothing but pure rebounds of what others said.

Benjamin’s heartbeat was noticed to be declining back on May 4th, as he was two weeks late in being delivered.

As this realization came to light, Podemski was rushed to the Royal United Hospital in which on that very same day it was decided that Benjamin would have to be born through the C-section procedure.

Podemski states however that the staff at the hospital had never really offered or elaborated any transparent reasoning just as to why the whole procedure was ever delayed.