Tristram Hunt, the Labour MP for Stoke – on Trent has resigned from his position.  A by – election will now be triggered.

His constituency Stoke – on Trent is being described as the Brexit capital of the country.  In the referendum in June, 81,563 people voted to leave the EU with only 36,027 voting to stay.

Tristram Hunt has left a life of politics to become director at the Victoria and Albert museum.  The seat is far from safe, with both UKIP and the Conservatives hoping to capitalise in wake of Brexit.  In 2015, Labour received 39.3% of the vote, UKIP followed closely on 22.7%, while the Conservatives came third on 22.5% of the votes.  They came third by 33 votes.

Hunt was part of the failed coup to oust Jeremy Corbyn as leader, and like other failed coup member Jamie Reed who was MP for Copeland, he has left the party to take a high paid role in the private sector.

Jamie Reed has taken a position in the nuclear industry.

Hunt said, “As I enter a new role as a public servant, I will be leaving partisan politics behind me and will work impartially as a museum director.

“I am sorry to put you, the party and the people of Stoke-on-Trent through a by-election. I have no desire to rock the boat now and anyone who interprets my decision to leave in that way is just plain wrong.

“I will always be Labour and forever grateful for the incredible opportunity which the Party gave me to work with you to serve the people of Stoke-on-Trent as their Member of Parliament.”

Many of the membership in the Labour Party will probably not be sorry Tristram Hunt and Jamie Copeland have left the party.  These MP’s were parachuted in under the ‘New Labour’ era.

Last year, Jamie Reed said in a speech that only the 1% should govern.