A man has been found with multiple stab wounds on the top deck of a bus in Birmingham.

Another passenger reported the incident to the police on Monday night.  The multiple stabbing happened after a fight broke out on the 11A bus.

Despite paramedics arriving on the scene, the man died of his injuries.  According to reports, he was stabbed several times in his back and stomach.  He has yet to be identified.

According to Detective Sergeant Tom Chisholm, the attacker boarded the bus a few minutes before the fight broke out.  Police do not believe the pair knew each other.

The fight happened with other passengers being on the top deck of the bus.  Four immediately got left.  Police are not appealing for those people to come forward.

The family of the victim, a 30 year old black man have been informed and a post-mortem will be carried out.

The attacker is described as black, 5ft 9, and was wearing a dark padded jacket and baseball cap.

Sealed off

The attack took place in Rookery Road which subsequently was sealed off with two other nearby roads.  Police are said to be reviewing CCTV footage from the area and the bus, as well as collecting forensic evidence.

This stabbing is the second to occur in Rookery Road.  Concerns are growing in relation to knife crime and gang violence.

Desmond Jaddoo, runs a multifaith initiative called Yes to Life.  It is aimed at tackling knife crime.  He said, “There is shock, horror and concern in the community. This whole problem of people carrying weapons has to remain in the forefront of community safety.

“I grew up in the Aston Handsworth area, and when I was younger people used to settle disputes with their fists or through dialogue. Now unfortunately people will settle their disputes with weapons.”

Handsworth, the area of the attack is one of the poorest areas of Birmingham and according to local business the antisocial behaviour is driving people away.