A cancer sufferer who lost most of his manhood as a result of a flesh-eating bug he contracted in hospital is now suing health bosses at the hospital.

Andrew Lane, 61, contracted a potentially deadly infection called necrotising fasciitis after he had surgery to take out his prostate gland.

He was left in such a poorly condition that it ws touch and go whether he would survive. However, his genitals were so badly damaged following the procedure at Southend Hospital in Essex that he says he is not longer able to have a sex life.

Mr Lane had to use a catheter and colostomy bag for two years following the operation and has had to have another procedure to fit a device so he can still urinate.

He had to spend two months in hospital because of the infection, which began to take hold three years ago. He sid it has taken him this long to try to come to terms with the injuries he suffered following the oepration.


The man has now decided to take legal action, because he alleges that his bowel was punctured during his surgery, which the led to an infection.

He described the experience as “horrendous,” saying that at one point he feared that he would die. The man said he had to go to theatre three times while surgeons tried to rid his body of what could have been a fatal infection. He explained: “I lost from my belly button to just above the groin and I’ve not got much left of a penis.”

Mr Lane said before the incident, he would have described himself as superfit, but he could no longer bear to look at himself naked. He said the hardest part for him was not being able to have sex with his wife.