Hollywood A Lister Brad Pitt was famously married to girl next door blonde Jenifer Aniston, before leaving her for Angelina Jolie. And, now it seems he may have reverted to type with his new relationship.

Rumours are rife that the Seven actor is currently dating Goldie Hawn’s daughter Kate Hudson. And, her brother has recently added fuel to the speculation by uploading an Instagram clip joking about Brad’s bad habits, saying he drinks out of the carton and leaves the toilet door open. He also joked that he had driven a wedge between him and his brother, and that his mother was flirting with him.

According to reports in the entertainment press, Brad and Kate have been linked for weeks and she may have been the one to drive a wedge between the Fury actor and fellow A Lister Angelina.


While Brad kept a low profile as news of his split with Angelina broke, he has looked happier of late, attending the Golden Globe Awards and a charity event in Malibu. However, while he may be out and about again, he and Angelina have made a pledge to be much more private when it comes to custody arrangements for their six children.

The estranged pair have signed an agreements that they will keep all court paperwork private and will engage a private judge to make legal decisions and arrangements. Brad and Angelina broke up last year after an alleged altercation between the actor and his eldest son Maddox.

However, despite her brother’s japes, spokespeople for Brad and Kate have denied that they are involved in a relationship. Brad was also linked to his co-star Marion Cotillard, who also shot down any suggestion that she was involved with the actor. However, a former bodyguard for both Brad and Kate has said he would not be surprised at all if the two got together.