Do not growl whilst reading this article because we will be talking about the most scrumptious desert/ morning breakfast’s main item which cannot be resisted eating most of the times in a day; Nutella, the delicious hazelnut spread which has fortunately been in our lives for more than 50 years. The favorite spread of all the children around the world and not only them, but also the adults seem to, love it. The only kind of species that might not savor or adore the devouring spread would be the Health inspectors.

It has been reported that one single jar f Nutella is sold after every 2.5 seconds which is much quicker than the time of babies being born that is, 8 seconds. It is often termed as a guilty pleasure because it is economical. One 750g jar contains 97 hazelnuts; therefore it is quite natural but still not healthy, since it contains more than 50% of sugar and sugar makes us fat.

In the United States people who consume Nutella, are using it more as a breakfast meal than as a desert; it is used more as a spread on toasts than merely just a topping on deserts. Therefore the F.D.A.(Food and Drugs Administration) wants to revise the per serving strategy to one tablespoon from two tablespoons. The reason being that people consume it as a spread more than it is used as a desert topping. Two tablespoons contain 200g calories; that means F.D.A. wants to half the amount of calories to be used as a breakfast meal.

Pietro Ferrero, the maker of Ferrero Rochers chocolate who is also one of the makers of Nutella also appealed to the F.D.A. in 2014 to alter the portion size to one tablespoon which would make it equal to the portions of jam, jelly and honey.

Accordingly if the F.D.A. approves of the settlement the U.S. consumers of Nutella would perceive the amount of calories reduced to half. Other countries like U.K., France and Australia use the one tablespoon per serving strategy for the spread as stated by the Italian company, Ferrero.

The company has not answered the F.D.A.’s request and F.D.A.’s responsible for calculating the calories, RACC (reference amount customarily consumed) for food commodity classifications like cookies, dry pasta, and egg rolls etcetera. And the foundation believes that the two tablespoon portion may bewilder the U.S. consumers that they have to use that much amount on their toasts; which they do not have to, of course.