The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has cautioned regarding the possibility of an outburst of current African swine fever that is limited to China could spread to other Asian countries. The FAO informed the quick onset of flu in China and within more than one thousand kilometers apart could mean the fatal pig virus might spread anytime to other nearby Asian countries.

There is no efficient vaccine known to prevent the swine from the disease. The flu has no direct threat to human health, whereas, in animals, the outburst can be destructive with the most virulent forms and fatal in 100% of infected animals. Till the present, Chinese authorities have collected more than 24,000 pigs in 4 provinces to prevent the spread of the disease. China’s WH Group, the world’s largest pork producer, has been advised to shut down one of its domestic slaughterhouses.

On a similar note, Bulgaria recently reported its first outburst of African swine fever. The authorities informed that seven backyard pigs had been infected with the disease at a farm close to the Romanian border. African swine fever is extremely infectious and affects wild boar and pigs. The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency stated that all 23 pigs in the Tutrakantsi village would be collected and a 3-kilometer quarantine zone would be fixed around the village. Romania, a neighboring country of Bulgaria, has reported a hundred cases of the disease in pigs since June, whereas, China has reported five cases of the disease recently. This fence is built up to prevent the crossing of wild boars that could spread the African swine fever in its territory. The cases reported in Romania were of the pigs, which were kept in backyards.

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