Immigrants May Leave Farms For Steady All Year Jobs

Farmers in California – which is the leading producer of vegetables, fruits and nuts in the country – are in a quandary over President Obama’s new immigration policy, which aims to block some 5 million people from deportation. According to the farmers, farm workers may leave their jobs and opt for other steady professions like being masons, cooks and cleaners. As Jason Resnick, who is the Vice President and General Counsel of Western Growers said, “This action isn’t going to bring new workers to agriculture,” “It’s possible that because of this action, agriculture will lose workers without any mechanism to bring in new workers.” There is already a 15% to 20% shortage of manpower in the farms of California which has 330,000 of the 2.1 million farm workers in the country.

85% Of All Farm Workers In California Have False Documents!

According to the new immigration policy, immigrants who have American children will not face deportation. Also exempt are immigrants brought into the country as children. Manuel Cunha, who is the President of the Fresno-based Nisei Farmers League, said that around 85% of farmworkers use false documents to obtain jobs in farms. Once they become legal citizens, they will likelyopt for year round jobs without any fear of deportation. Workers will benefit as well, because they can now demand better wages and overtime as well.

ImmigrantsWith Lack Of Technical Knowledge And Language SkillsMay Stay Back

While the fear of the farmers is not totally unfounded, Ed Kissam, who is an immigration researcher, said that it is unlikely that there will be a mass exodus. The reasons for this are that immigrants normally lack the technical, education and language skill required to move up the job ladder.  That is not enough consolation for many farmers who are worried about how they are going to replace the job losses they fear.