Several private letters of Princess Diana talking about Prince William and Harry were sent to former steward of Buckingham Palace, Cyril Dickman.

All handwritten letters have been said that they will go at an auction in order to be purchased.

Along with the letters of Princess Diana are also old photographs, Christmas cards and some cake that was served from the Queen’s wedding will also be sold at the auction.

These rare letters are considered to be an extremely “unique collection of Royal memorabilia.”

The Hidden Love

In one such never before seen letter by Princess Diana, she talks about Prince William in showering his little brother Harry with infinite amounts of kisses and hugs almost all day every day, and his parents can barely even get their hands on their child by that point.

Diana added that she is astonished and over filled with joy just as to how the birth of this child can result in such a profound reaction.

Diana went on to say that due to the overflowing amount of flowers that had been sent to them as a congratulations for the new born baby, she is having difficulty breathing.

Valuable Contents for a Valuable Price

In a separate letter written in October 17th, 1992, Diana described how Harry and William are both currently content with their school’s atmosphere, and Harry apparently is quite the trouble maker.

It is believed that these rare letters are expected to reach a selling price of about £300 minimum and may very well reach up to £900.

Mr. Dickman served at the Buckingham Palace for about five decades, and all letters are to be put by him at the auction. Mr. Dickman has been regarded as one of the favorites by each and every member within the Royal Family, and has himself received personal letters from senior royals that go back to as far as three decades.