A march known as the ‘Unite for Europe’ is scheduled to take place on the 25th of March, which would come at the time the UK is set to prompt Article 50.

The march is said to have thousands of citizens who will march all the way to the British Parliament in an attempt to block the final decision of Brexit.

March 25th also coincides as being the 60th anniversary for the day the Treaty of Rome was first signed. The treaty was responsible for the creation of Europe’s Economic Community.

There Is Hope

On the site for the planned protest it states that Brexit can still be stopped.

The statement adds that most of the MP’s still stand by being a part of the European Union, but are being pressurized by thoughtless and ineffectual leadership.

It goes on to state that Parliament still holds control over specific matters, and it is imperative that they know just how many citizens are still against leaving the EU.

“With our vocal support, they can stop Brexit,” it said.

It was announced last Tuesday by the Supreme Court that the UK government is not permitted to prompt Article without first gaining the approval beforehand from Parliament.

This announcement served as a boost of hope for those who are against the Brexit move.

Assemble Now

About 4,000 people have been said to join in on the march, and an additional 10,000 have been said are interested in joining.

A crowdfunding campaign was created at the last minute by the organizers of the event in order to pay for speakers, first aid kits, guaranteed security, along with other matters that are deemed vital for the event.

On the page of the event it stated that the MP’s that hold the stance of pro-EU may not vote against their own party so would probably abstain from the vote.