Claims have surfaced that the Queen is in a difficult position over Donald Trump’s state visit amid the controversy surrounding the weekend’s executive order that banned refugees and nationals from certain countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Around seventy MPs have backed a demand that Donald Trump should not be allowed to make a speech in parliament.  The demand emerged as the issue of Trump’s state visit is to be debated in parliament following an online petition to prevent the American president from meeting the queen gained 1.7 million signatures.

Most of the MPs protesting the visit are from Labour and the Scottish National Party.

Two Petitions Two Debates

Two petitions will be debated in parliament one that wants to prevent the visit and one that supports it.  The latter gaining 123,000 signatures.  Last night tens of thousands of people took to the streets to protest the travel ban.

Queen in Difficult Place

One senior Foreign Office official blasted Prime Minister Theresa May for an “ill judged” move saying it exposed the Queen to the debate over Trump’s travel ban on predominately Muslim nations.

Lord Rickets, a former head of the Foreign Office said the visit should be downgraded to a lower – key political trip and pointed out Trump’s predecessor had to wait years for a formal state visit.

Buckingham Palace aids have made it clear that the Queen was acting on advice of Theresa May, and has become uncomfortable with the travel ban and the related protests.

Despite senior Conservatives and Labour MPs asking May to withdraw the visit which she extended when she met Donald Trump last week, she confirmed the visit will go ahead as planned when giving a speech in Dublin.

She said, “The United States is a close ally of the United Kingdom. We work together across many areas of mutual interest and we have that special relationship between us.

“I have issued that invitation for a state visit for President Trump to the United Kingdom and that invitation stands.”