On Monday, the office of Mayor Vincent C. Gray announced that it was selecting Gragg Cardona Partners and Redbrick LMD to head the team that will redevelop St. Elizabeth’s East into an extensive urban community. The joint venture will significantly help in transforming one of the poorest areas of country’s capital into “a technology-focused, transit-oriented community”, added the Mayor in his statement. The all new hospital complex will feature both residential, retail and commercial spaces.

State of the art, ‘never before seen’ campus to be built in District of Columbia!

Considered to be the outgoing Mayor’s final act, the project has been hailed by Mayor Gray as the realization and creation of a ground-breaking space, incomparable and “unlike any other in the District of Columbia,”The project will see the creation of 1.1 mn sq ft of residential space, 122,000 sq ft of retail and 716,000 sq ft of commercial space, with about half mn sq ft being reserved for supposed innovation purposes.

Why were the two selected and who are the other team members?

In its statement, the Mayoral office said that the two companieswere chosen on the basis of their past experience with mega projects. It believed that their plans matched and fulfilled the policy goals of the administration. The other members that make up the development team are Perkins Eastman, NVRand JBG Rosenfeld Retail.

The group is looking to make the project the next success story!

In its statement, the group has made known that the project would offer equitable opportunities to the community, leading to the creation of nine thousand new jobs in the area. About 50% of these job opportunities will be in the construction field, with about 4,500 to be permanent positions once the developmentcomes to an end.