President Trump is known for his love of the colour gold. Following his election victory, he was pictured posing outside the golden doors of his apartment in Trump Tower, along with Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage.

And now, Mr Trump has already started including more than a touch of gold in interior design changes to the White House. The Oval Office has already undergone a decorative revamp, with the red curtains chosen by Barack Obama taken down and replaced with swathes of golden fabric.

The changes were spotted when President Trump sat down at the Resolute desk to implement one of his first changes of policy as he signed an executive order on Obamacare. As well as the curtains, the large rug which incorporated quotes from former leaders has also gone. It has been replaced with what appears to be the same rug which was designed by Laura Bush during her husband’s time in office. It is understood that President Bush asked for a rug which expressed his optimistic spirit. Grey suede couches chosen by the Obamas have also gone, in favour of brocade settees.

Making their mark

Before taking office, President Trump said he would not be making to many changes inside the White House. However, it is common for a newly elected president to put their own stamp on the Oval Office. While much of the $400million White House will remain the same, the First Family’s living quarters are usually redecorated to reflect their taste.

Traditionally, an interior designer works hand in hand with the First Lady, as well as the White House chief usher and curator to create a look which everyone is happy with. It is understood that Melania has already discussed the decorative changes she would like, but that she is not moving into the White House for another six months as she and her son Barron are staying in New York for the time being.