A nutritionist claims to have come up with a way to eat your way out of a hangover. The food formula includes eating sourdough bread, red meat, rocket, avocado and sweet potato fries.

Amanda Hamilton, who is a resident nutritionist on BBC Radio, claims to have come up witha complex food equation which she says could cure a morning after the night before hangover.

She suggests eating two slices of bread along with 20g of lean protein. Sourdough bread is suggested because it is easier to digest for poorly tummies.

Red meat will help hunger pangs as well as balancing blood sugar and boosting iron levels. Meanwhile avocado and rocket will help to increase potassium levels, providing help for an under stress liver. Sweet potato chips will then help to reduce feelings of nausea and balance out blood sugar levels.

Science of a hangover

Ms Hamilton explained: “The science of a hangover is a shaky, sore-head inducing mixture of dehydration, mineral loss, low blood sugar and the toxic after effects of alcohol. Hydrating with food can counteract dehydration and nutrient loss, as well as helping to balance energy levels.”

While she admitted that not many people crave something green and healthy after drinking, having something like an avocado or rocket could help.

The nutritionist worked with Deliveroo, the food delivery service, to come up with the formula, which they say is scientifically proven to work. Given that science is recommending a steak sandwich with avocado salsa and fries, it doesn’t sound like too terrible a way to try to cure a hangover.

Meanwhile, the NHS says that generally, hangover cures are a myth. The health service does, however, give several tips for avoiding a hangover, including limiting the amount you drink on any one occasion, drinking more slowly, making sure you eat as well as drink, and having a drink of water for every drink of alcohol.