The head of the North American Riot Games, Chris Hopper, has declared “no cost cut” that comes as a relief for the concerned fans of League of Legends. He, in a current interview, has assured the fans that NA LCS would not hold back on spending to ensure that the League is crowned the 6th summer champion in Oracle Arena, Oakland in California on Sunday.

The Riot’s investment plan in the multiplayer online battle arena video game, their failure to acquire venue for the world championship and secure smaller avenues for major events is a cause of major concern for the loyal fans. Most of them have blamed the rising popularity of Fortnite for it.

Their concern escalated when the Head of Global Events for Riot, Derrick Asiedu, claimed that the $100 million budget “would be decreased if the revenue does not pick up in three years”. He also commented that they are experimenting with cost cuts in some corners.

But according to Hopper his colleague Derrick’s “intent was grossly misrepresented by the media”! He assured that what Asiedu wanted to convey was that they were not subtracting money that is to be spent from the event. Hopper is positive that he would be able to generate the revenue from other sources.

Hopper even defended his selection of Fillmore Miami which could not hold more than 2,500 fans. He said that he chose the arena that was smaller than Staples Center or Madison Square Garden as he wanted the fans to experience a more intimate broadcast experience.

Hopper has assured fans that they are unlikely to book smaller venues like Fillmore. They are looking at mid-tier venues to easily fit 5,000 fans. Riot would have their hands full this Sunday in Oracle Arena with the league up against powerhouses like Team Liquid and Cloud 9.

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