Many organizations have seen immense diversification on the technical front to achieve the technological edge. During the Salesforce’sDreamforce conference, one of the most diversified and well reputed firms, MaidPro having more than ninety 90 franchises across Canada and United States was introduced. MaidPro specializes in cleaning business and has more than 30,000 permanent clients which are being provided quality and electric services by the seasoned cleaners. The hallmark of their great services lies chiefly on the effective and deep bonding and association with employees which propels them to provide excellent and seamless services to their clients.
In MaidPro, they say that the idea behind hiring the top management is to devise the strategy that is best suited to minimize the workload while keeping the operating procedure as simple as possible. The dilemma faced by the franchises of MaidPro however is the lack of IT infrastructure and the general awareness of their employees. Any system designed for the user needs to be very comprehensive and easy to use. The main MaidPro franchise is geared to providing optimum support in all areas to make sure the process is carried out effectively and efficiently. The process is further extended to provide a platform of peers which is readily available to offer their immediate support and guidance as and when required.
There were several issues involved in the use of local software deployed by the company as it required a fundamental knowledge of IT by all the users. Another factor contributed to the vows was the inability to provide data readily. The software was only designed to sync the data on periodic basis; therefore it was difficult to ascertain the accurate position of franchises at any given point in time. Keeping in mind the issue, higher management decided to go for the expertise of Saleforce. The process was carried out in phases by MaidPro formulating the entire schema of application in due course.
The most appealing use of strategy made by the MaidPro was the use of sales center. As a result, a centralized sales center was developed where sales force was allowed to enhance the prospects related to cleaning jobs. The central problem was the diversity and unique pricing structure which every franchise possessed with the varying degree of approaches to handle the clients. Sales staff is trained and authorized to provide the pricing model developed by the franchise on decentralized basis working within the boundaries of Salesforce. On successful generation of quote, the same is disseminated across franchise for further necessary action. The process allowed them to provide effective customer services thereby increasing the revenue courtesy timely completion of deals.
The focus of MaidPro was entirely on retaining the existing customers rather than inclining towards the haphazard strategy of increasing the number of customers. Therefore they kept strong policy of providing the maximum customer satisfaction. The use of Salesforce allowed them to keep in touch with their customers through periodic reminders in the form of emails.
Implementation of the process however was no cakewalk for the company with Salesforece. The management however was able to build a team well equipped to create the dashboards required to get the job done. Despite numerous assurances from the Salesforce, the higher management was not comfortable with the Wave, an analytical visualization tool to cater the problems in hand. The higher management was also not happy with the Lightning, a newly designed interface by the Salesforce. The general view was that it will be inadequate to tackle the diversified and customized requirement of the company. So the focus was more to get maximum output from Salesforce through the managerial capability and direction.
There are many who may disagree with the example of MaidPro being too small an adventure to convince, there is no denying of the fact that they are getting maximum results using cloud technology to their benefit, thus making a perfect case to understand and acquire opportunity in hand.