SAP is all well prepared to completely revamp the structure of analytics coming up with the brand new software as a service (SaaS) technology. The technology is aimed at integrating the planning, business intelligence and predictive analysis in a single platform exclusively developed under the cloud platform of SAP HANA.
The top tier management of SAP is now more focused in providing reliable experience related to cloud analytics with hassle free access to the users.
Their long term ideology is more focused on embedding the newly built SAP Cloud for analytics technology with already available SAP solutions to provide a single unifying feature for the organization to access on-premises data. The new setup will allow organization to examine the existing trends, evaluate the performance of employees and provide necessary predictive tools for appropriate decision makings at all levels.
The technology is a further extension of SAP Cloud for Planning introduced a year back. The technology is all set to overtake the previous version with the introduction of enhanced Business intelligence capabilities. The enhancement has the potential to allow the organization to effectively make use of the features such as visualization, reporting etc. SAP is committed to providing the features such as governance, predictive analytics as well as risk and compliance in the time to come.
The scope and diversity of the platform
The platform has been designed to build a single data source covering all the requirements aiming at facilitating the provision and access of important data and information with a single click anywhere in the world.
The top management of SAP has been highly gratified with the capability of offering real-time updates in the SAP Cloud for Analytics, enhanced association within organization and advanced analytics through the especially designed App.
Analytics for the masses
The higher management of SAP is also very excited due to the price in which the full technology is available to the masses which makes it a first-hand choice for organizations of all sizes and structures. SAP Cloud for Analytics possess numerous advantages which are listed below to better understand the versatility of the technology for end users.
• Formal integration of budgeting, business intelligence and predictive competences in a single platform through cloud technology allows promptness of decision making for the higher management.
• A single application allowing transformation of real-time observations and updates into actionable outcomes and decisions.
• Prompt access of data through diversified sources allowing end users to build the capacity of sampling and combining the data for analysis available on-site as well as through cloud.
• An easy to use and instinctive user interface keeping in mind the needs of business users.
• The ability to create and collaborate the diversified planning models assisting in through analysis of data for financial industry experts.
• Ability to develop the mechanism effectively analyzing the demand of the product to maintain inventory based on the market trends derived from the social media analysis.
As a solution, SAP Cloud for Analytics has the flexible schema to embed with third-party apps also. SAP has extended its collaboration with Google which has allowed the content of the Cloud for Analytics to be directly extracted in Google sheets. Many organizations are already making use of the SAP Cloud for Analytics technology to achieve the optimum state of their business environment.
Use of Predictive Analysis in Fantasy Football
Famous fantasy football games such as NFL is also actively using the SAP technology as a tool to provide recommendation to the users while doing comparison of players. Integration of SAP technology in NFL has allowed enhanced reputation and experience amongst users.
SAP executive management however is committed to expanding and improving the already developed on-premise analytics solution.