Individuals who consume dietary supplements comprising an ingredient which is referred to as higenamine are putting their life on the bet, as per the new research. There is generally no saying about how much the higenamine is present in a single tablet; it means that people might be dosing themselves with a very high level of risky plant-based stimulant.

The researchers, who conducted the study and published it in Clinical Toxicology, highlighted 24 brands of supplements which have higenamine as an ingredient, all available in the United States. Out of all these 24 brands, 2 of the supplements have been advertised as energy or weight loss supplements. After this, the researchers have examined the pills’ composition, from 2 different labs independently analyzes 2 samples of every single brand.

All the supplements listed have some higenamine, but the measurement of the ingredients varied in every single sample. Depend on the samples, individuals have been recorded from trace higenamine amount to more than 100mg each day, suggested that they followed the instructions given on the label.

And during the research, it is found that only 5 bottles out of the listed supplement have a specific amount of higenamine in every pill, but not a single bottle has prescribed the amount of the ingredient in the samples. In these listed bottles, the quantity of higenamine ranged from .001% — 200%.

John Travis, Co-author & scientist of NSF International, said in a statement, “Though higenamine is a legal dietary compound when exists as a botanical constituent, our study has identified the levels of the stimulant which is a matter of concern and wildly incorrect labeling and information of dosage.”

Travis said, “We are recommending athletes, as well as normal users, to think multiple times before consuming the product that has higenamine.” Some of the scientists as well contributed to the researcher are from Harvard Medical School.

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