A 14-year-old girl who sparked a huge manhunt when she claimed she had been kidnapped and raped madethe allegations up, police have said.

The teenager said she had been subjected to a terrifying ordeal when she was snatched from the street while walking to school in the Summertown area of Oxford.

She said she had then been raped multiple times.

Now, while officers say they are continuing to look into her rape claim, police say they do not believe that she was kidnapped from the street.

Thames Valley police have spent hours scouring through video footage taken from CCTV and motorists’ dashcams, as well as interviewing witnesses.

However, a spokesman for the force has now said: “We can confirm that the evidence gathered indicates that the reported abduction did not take place.”

While they have now ruled out claims that an abduction took place, officers are still looking into the alleged rape and say they are following a number of lines of enquiry to determine what took place.

The statement continued: “Specially trained officers and staff from the police, Oxfordshire County Council Children’s Services, Health and other agencies continue to work with the victim, at her pace.”

The girl initially told offers that she had been on her way to school when she was kidnapped before she was driven away and raped in the car by two men.

She claimed that she had been near a busy crossroads when she was grabbed by one man who pushed her into a car while another man waited inside.

The teenager then said she was subjected to an ordeal which lasted for four hours.

Having escaped or been released, she knocked on doors in a housing estate to ask for help. When householders called the police, she told them about the abduction and rape. She said she had desperately run through woodland after escaping her two rapists.

Police released e-fits of the suspects based on descriptions she gave them, but no one has been found and no arrests have been made.

Following the allegations, worried school teachers told pupils not to walk to school or home alone, and police officers increased their foot patrols in the area.

The alleged rape came just days after a 19-year-old woman was sexually assaulted by two men as she walked home from a night out in nearby Headington, and police are investigating any potential links between the two cases.