A nutritionist has revealed the three simple life hacks to prevent heart disease, cancer and dementia. Cassandra Barns says that while many people feel that making their lifestyle significantly healthier is an arduous task, it takes only a few easy changes.

While granola, coffee and chocolate are major parts of many people’s diets, she said that swapping for alternatives can make a big difference.

Porridge instead of granola

The nutritionist says it is vital to have a good breakfast. While people who choose cereals or granola will be consuming large amounts of sugar, she says porridge is the way to set yourself up for the day ahead.

Her findings back those of an American study which found that porridge each day could be the way to lead a longer and more healthy life.

Matcha tea instead of coffee

While many of us can’t manage to start the day without a cup of coffee, Ms Barns says that high doses of caffeine can lead to the body releases stress hormones. Instead, she suggests matcha tea as a good alternative to get a natural boost of energy without the side effects associated with coffee. According to research, catechins found in green tea can help to protect the brain from a delcline in function as well as supporting the metabolism and assisting in weight management.

Raw cacao instead of milk chocolate

While it’s easy to reach for that mid afternoon bar of chocolate when feeling a slump, Ms Barns says that choosing raw cacao can prevent a desire for a sugar hit. Raw cacao contains high levels of antioxidants in comparison with regular chocolate and is believed to help in the prevention of some forms of cancer and heart disease.

Ms Barns says that making small changes can make a big difference to a person’s health.