The horrified sister of an Alzheimer’s sufferer has told of how she found her living among rubbish, rotting food – and even rats – even though she was meant to be under to care of a local council.

Tricia Crowther’s home had turned into a disgusting mess. However, the 76 year old was left living there until her sister Beryl Barker visited because she had become concerned when she could get little information from social workers.

Angry Mrs Barker says that Bradford City Council, which was responsbile for her sister’s care, but now carry out an investigation. Mrs Crowther is a widower who lived alone. However, Mrs Barker, 74, had been in hospital and had not visited for some time.

However, she became worried when Mrs Crowther’s neighbour rang to say she believed her sister had been taken to hospital. She immediately rang social workers but could get no information over the phone, so headed to her sister’s home in West Yorkshire.

Rubbish and rats

When she arrived, she found the home stank, had rubbish piled up, and rats living among it, along with damp clothing, old dog food and dead flowers. Mrs Barker said her once house proud sister had been sleeping in the front room, surrounded by rubbish. Her bath was full of rubbish bags and her sink was full of dirty washing. Her dog had also disappeared.

Mrs Crowther has now been taken to a specialist hospital as a result of having fallen. Mrs Barker believes that fall could have saved her life as she may otherwise have continued living the way she was.

So far, Bradford City Council is yet to comment. However, age campaigners have blasted the way Mrs Crowther was allowed to continue living. Mark Rounding of Age UK said the imges were shocking, adding that no one should be left to live in such conditions.