Navratri has come, and for many people, these nine days are days of fasting and walking barefoot. But while following these rituals one should also take care of certain things to stay healthy.

Feet Care

Previously, when people used to walk without sandals or shoes it was quite an effective exercise. But, now we can rarely walk bare feet without any chance of being hurt. There were soft grasses in the ancient times that would make walking an easy task. But nowadays the roads are made of concrete and are filled with unsafe and harmful substances. So, in the period of Navratri be extra cautious while walking on the streets and avoid getting wounds or cuts. You should never put band-aids on the wounds without cleaning the wound as it leads to infections and formation of pus. For relaxing your feet after that long bare feet walk soak your feet at night in salt water with few drops of lemon juice into it. Keep it for half an hour and relax. After that scrub your feet but be careful while scrubbing as the skin will be sensitive. Then wipe off your feet and gently clean the wounds if any possible cuts are present, apply medication otherwise moisturized your feet with the moisturizer or coconut oil.

Health Care

Preparing for the coming festivities takes a toll on your health. But you need to be extra careful about your health if you want to enjoy the Garba Nights. During Navratri, many people keep fasts some go on a complete liquid diet, some start eating only some of the food items, while some eat nothing. Fasting is a good way of getting rid of that harmful body toxins but during the fast our body  misses some of the basic nutrients which are necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Thus avoid going to severe fast and shift from heavy meals to lighter ones that will fulfill your body requirements. There are some people that follow unhealthy ways during the period of fasting such as they drink coffee or tea which they say is fine because they don’t use milk in it. But it has a negative effect on the body it dehydrates the body by absorbing the moisture from the body. And when they  consume empty stomach leads to acidity.

You can stock up the dry fruits and consume them frequently as they are the powerhouse of fiber and energy. You can consume various types of fruits that will also provide you with instant energy. The best way to keep your body fit is to keep it hydrated and the finest way for it is drink plenty of water. Water helps in dissolving the harmful toxins in the body and keeps you hydrated. It will also help your skin to remain hydrated and moisturized.